Zaraki95Kenpachi, also known as The Third Division Captain, "第三分部隊長" is the third warrior hailed as the captain of the next division of the clan. He is one of the warriors that earned the olympic award "Superior Judgement" "高級判決" whom concerns the powerful precision of being proficient in battles. He was found shortly after the end of the First War Arc. He is also hailed as one of the legendary figures & "God Of War" "戰神" in the clan whom created the Invisible Technique in battle, that gives an advantageous position to the user to defeat enemies at great ease.

Zaraki95Kenpachi is a compassionate person with a caring heart. Though he was being said that he is emotionally weaker than the other captains and that he was not superior in sense of the Second, It was only due to the admiration of him being a true warrior with a great empathy level.

Early Life & Middle

However in one-hand, one group of soldiers that was leaded by General Hawk, managed to survive the vast circumstances with safe armors that remained uninfected. General Hawk depended hard on his last few remaining group of soldiers and prayed each day that they are able to survive on the limited rations of food supply each day. On one particular case, General Hawk knew that he could only relied one of the members to hunt and kill animals in the safe rain-forest for food; he is the young warrior named Zaraki95Kenpachi. He knew that the young teen has great potential to be a great warrior in the future, as he and the other members witness how he was able to harness a 'rare' talent that only a chosen warrior that is believed to be "The Antidote" "解藥" from the gods, could wield it; an ability seen to establish bonds between the sword and owner. It was seen on one such case during a battle when the sword fiend's aura protects Zaraki as an acknowledgement, and zaraki took form of the faint appearance of his own sword fiend.

Zaraki95Kenpachi was soon nominated by General Hawk to reinforce the units which is clan called "WrathOfTheGods" that he could serve useful for the clan, as well as fighting for his family honor. On one unfortunate event after Zaraki's usual return from the rainforest, he saw his general lying lifelessly in the shelter. Both sad and horrified that the viral infection had been far deadly, he ran towards his 'hidden' house, to save his last surviving brother, Rivee01 from the infected zone.


-He was taught by his teacher, Amirshamodachi, whom both of them met during the Post Period Of Second War Arc.

- He has a blood brother, Rivee01.