The Hierarchy "層次結構" refers to the clan's system ranking and how each role is responsible to another, making it a flawless task to execute the organization as a whole. The clan system and hierarchy as been origins since the 1720s, created and established under the command of Silius Kany.


The Hierarchy is made of the following: - The Clan Founder (Father Of Wisdom) - The Phantom Lords (Phantom Leaders) - Perfect Phantoms (Best Phantoms) - Master Phantoms (Veteran Phantom) - Expert Phantoms (Mild-Veteran Phantom) - Phantoms (Junior Phantoms) - Apprentice (Inexperienced Phantoms) - Synchronizing (Pending Students)

The clan Founder (Father of Wisdom) will guide an organization and oversees the entire phantom kingdom. There will be eight Phantom Lords running the organization under the direction of the Clan Founder. Each phantom lords are responsible to the whole organization as a whole and that they are specialized in the individual elements that they focus on: Fire, Water, Lightning, Earth, Darkness, Light, Air, Ice. Phantom Lords issued their strength and leadership to Perfect Phantoms, whom has considerable power to run the phantoms in terms of training and experiences. The rest are directly responsible to the Phantom Lords as well as the Father Of Wisdom.