Eras of Awakening "覺醒今朝" refers to the eras that evolved the current, present, past, future of the creation of all things. These eras are considered significant and remarkable which talks and honor the building blocks of the creation from scratch. Currently there are 5 Eras; Common Era, Division Era, Ninja Era, Samurai Era, Phantom Era.

Common Era [700 - 1200]

This Era also considered as the eras of commoners. Where the first human civilization, full structured civilization takes place. It is believed that human civilization is much earlier than that, but till now, the evidence to elaborate on the past are very scarce and very limited. This is where the Ancestor of Kany Family is created, first founding ancestor to be called as Firixz.

Firixz is a global amibition which also called as "Father of the Earth", whom is a very down to earth person and well-known to the world. His passion for helping others saw him become one of the most compassionate beings on earth. He was later ascended to the title of an immortal in the sky, ruled under the gods society for eternity.

Division Era [1201 - 1370]

This Era is considered of the most important and significant of all eras, marking the first era to create an organization to protect the world peace, bringing into a deeper level of organization. This movement of the era is brought by a few ancestors of both the Kany, Monte family.