Solemn Tears Era "厳粛な涙" refers to the first era of the clan which was also known as the Division Era.


Solemn Tears Era "厳粛な涙" was decribed to be a period of where legends were created but not through the favour of power and to boast one's strength for recognition, but being forced to accept the title and faith. It was mainly due to the period where the world still faced the threats under the infamous old war's mastermind Dark Lord Lavianth.

Many wars happened during this period of era and many tragic deaths. Despite the chain of tragedy events, surviving humans continued to live a simple happy life within chaos and insanity; where a penny costs hundreds of gold coins.

This era is also the first era which creates and imbue the structured hierachial system in the clan history. Where Captains & Vice captains were created, academy students and so forth. The creation of the clan begins with this era.