These are the badges worn by the heros of the kingdom.

Background & Scope

WrathOfTheGods is a structured, and harmonious clan which is dedicated into bringing forth a peaceful generations in the game and providing a peaceful environment, as well as organized, to foster the growth of a good community. This is the first installment of the entire "That Day we Smile"

Perfect Phantom is the clan renamed from 'WrathOfTheGods', and seen as the progression of the clan lore story. It shared the same belief and it adopts a more stealth and competitive style of gameplay which ended on 2015. (This is where the clan first began it's new system of organisation and structure). This is the 2nd installment of the series.

Perfect Prodigy is the final installment of the entire series of "That Day we Smile". It is renamed from Perfect Phantom which the clan begun to move away from stealth approach to gameplay, and started to move towards a more diverse and unique gameplay. This installement is currently ongoing ~2016.


The purpose of the Wikia is to update the announcements, clan-updates, writing significant prominent figures in the clan that plays a major/crucial role in tying the clan together, in remembrance of their leadership and their establishment. Clan history and storyline is developed by Hong Rui, whom also played as Sonicz in the game. Clan lore and story will be compliated into a tv series which will be built into episodes in the future.

Side Note

Despite the name of WrathOfTheGods which may seemed to offend people whom are in religious gods, the clan wish to emphasize that there is no intentions of hurting religious people's interest and 'Gods' in the name doesn't refer to modern real-life religious 'gods' but purely fictional gods.


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