Perfect Phantom "完美的幻影" refers to a secret organisation that executes justice or a large group of assassins that helped to seek justice, protect the empire from harm and injustice treatment. The deriva of of the name 'Phantom' refers to illusionist or shadow, which are masters of disguise as well as execution, and they are experts in dealing with crimes within the emoire or citizens whom are facing threatening situations imposed by thugs or killers. They are also anti-hitmans as well as hitman whom sworn to protect the famous politicians as well as destroying the leader of dark organisations. This movement is established on 1720s, founded by the late fourth emperor Silius Kany. The secret organisation spreaded its movement to other empires whom shared the belief into protecting the world peace.


The beginning of initiation of brotherhood of the phantoms lies back on the return of Silius Kany from the years of training in the woods, and that acted as the first very vigilante of the empire to fight criminals of the empire and hence gained popularity within the empire throughout the period of the early phantom era. Silius Kany has the famous brand name of 'Black Blade' which was fearsome throughout the secret dark thugs and gangs within the empire, having to take down large groups of men by himself, he was clearly shown as a master of the blade and silenc, as well as Precision.

It was until the death of the third emperor that he declared the end of the samurai era, but partly reason was due to the natural deaths of the samurai leaders were old-aged, and that he had saw the flaws that the hierarchy of a samurai would bring. Thus by the decree, he leaded the empire as an emperor, as well as being the leader of the revolutionary silent assassin movement. Upon this change, Citizens learnt martial art and defence tatifs since young, and served as a backup when they are met with dangers.