Duel Arena 2.0 "Ancient Relic" refers to the puzzle that involves oneself in a life and death situation, in hopes to escape and solve the mystery under the "Ancient Relic".

Background History

"Ancient Relic" was designed and created by The Emperor, whom favoured and challenged the soldiers for the entitled position with deserved skill. It was inspired when The Emperor decided to give a challenge to two of his deserving man for the title of Shogun. It was said that those whom able to solve the puzzle, are truly the greatest and gained the ability to time-travel to both past and future. It was a blast and a competition during the time of its birth, but it soon became abandoned and a taboo art as the two of the men was discovered to lost within the dungeon and found to never return.

"Ancient Relic" was slowly managed to be uncovered after centuries, lead discoverer "Dual010" as the 7th shogun of modern samurai era and brought the ancient relic back to life.


"Ancient Relic" can be found on the Realm Of The Forgotten, towards the left of the room. It is an elevator that is filled with red color, to represent the bloodied stained marks to those whom attempted to escape.


Each rooms are filled with decorations which is directly linked to the hints labelled on each navigational consoles messages of each room. The puzzle is sequential hence the hints are sequential to decode as well. The first line of hint shows the location of the first room, and the second line of hint shows the second room location and so forth. Till the player finally found the last room which allows them to go for the grand finale of the end of puzzle. There is a trap room hidden within one the rooms. Which if players entered the trap room, they are considered game over or killed in the puzzle.

Difficulty: Very Hard