Black Crystal "“黑水晶”" refers to the polar opposite of that White Crystal. The black crystal were created by siphoning all greed and evil, which exchanges powers to the user through looking the users' desire, giving them the power they needed.


The first existence of the Dark Crystals came from the chest of Dormius. His tears as well as siphoning all greeds and evil into the white crystals that all gods possesses, and sealed them away from the world and hid it in the box. Dormius knew that siphoning greed and evil carried too much of a dangerous power as it consisted of the entire universe as well as the gods' society's greed and evilness within the crystals; by being near the box, it will lure prey into unlocking the box because of the voices that comes out from the crystals. Hence because of this, Dormius in return casted a ritual and chant to produce a pure aura around the people and all sentient beings. However this comes in great cost, He slowly became ill after the result of casting the universe. By casting the spell, it allows him to look into the mind and shoes of all perspective of all sentient beings at once. He often hallucinate and because of this, One of his son decided to drugged his drink with poison, and eventually wished to oversee the world he wanted to see. His name is Lavianth.