Assassin "刺客" refers to the silent phantom of the perfect phantom clan. They are known as silent vigilante whom acted as an organisation to hunt down criminals and villains that possessda potential threat to the future of the empire as well as helping to work together secretly with the army and military. They are highly trained combat expertise whom are Capable of taking down enemies silently or in large groups at ease. Established on 1720s by the founder of the assassin movement and the emperor of the next empire, Silius Kany , he brought a new world order and direction into a silent approach and served as a back-up defence tool which allows justice to be brought swiftly. The movement operates either within or outside the clan barrier and empire but main purpose and goal, is to protect the empire and clan at all cost. Often, they worked in team of special squad and highly intelligent battle strategic operations that involved the use of codes for the squad, this allows them to move in systematic and flawless way.